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Use Homemade Sugar Scrub To Relieve Your Dry Winter Itch Symptoms
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Use Homemade Sugar Scrub To Relieve Your Dry Winter Itch Symptoms

Can Sugar Scrub Relieve Winter Itch?

Much ado has been made about homemade sugar scrub recently, and for good reasons. Those who are searching for a natural way to relieve winter itching that is related to dry skin or other skin conditions may find the relief they need from homemade sugar scrub. Though there are many different varieties, the common theme is the incorporation of completely natural ingredients that offer soothing properties.

Personally, I have suffered from the effects of winter itch for the last 10 or so years after the birth of my oldest child. It was not uncommon for me to scratch and scratch for minutes on end.  I would often end up scracthing my legs raw using a stiff brush in an attempt to stop the itching. I have tried a number of options including lotions, anti-itch medications, but I have never gotten the relief that I need until I started using homemade sugar scrub.

Types of homemade sugar scrubs

Oatmeal, honey, sugar, and coconut oil are among some of the most common ingredients in each type of scrub. Oatmeal has long been used to soothe itchy skin, and will certainly be an ingredient to consider if you wish to make your own scrub. The type of sugar that is used should also be considered. Brown sugar tends to offer the gentlest exfoliation, and therefore may be the best option for those with sensitive skin. Honey naturally hydrates, while coconut oil conditions the skin. If you suffer from eczema, or other skin condition that worsens in the winter, a combination of these ingredients may provide relief.

Benefits of sugar scrubs

Each type will certainly leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. This is the result of the exfoliation of dead skin cells. Since dryness is often the cause of winter itching, this can be alleviated by the soothing ingredients that the scrub provides. As mentioned above, honey works well, as do a number of oils that will help the skin retain more of its natural moisture. Though there are no guarantees that any scrub will completely cure any skin condition, they are often used to at least temporarily reduce the symptoms such as itching.

Other benefits include the ability to address your winter itch without the use of chemicals. Many skin products now include chemicals that can actually make skin worse. Those who have sensitive skin may not be able to use any of the over the counter skin products that are now offered. Price should also be considered. Homemade sugar scrub can be made or purchased for only a few dollars.

Winter itch can certainly be problematic. Even those who have normal skin may find that itching occurs during the winter months when humidity tends to be lower. Lotions and other products may bring some relief, but may also come with unwanted chemicals and a high price tag. Those who wish to relieve itching in a more natural way do have options. A homemade sugar scrub just may be the winter itch solution you have been searching for.