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Use Homemade Sugar Scrub to Exfoliate Your Skin!
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Use Homemade Sugar Scrub to Exfoliate Your Skin!

Homemade Sugar Scrub As An Exfoliator?

A homemade sugar scrub made from cane sugar is a great exfoliator because it naturally contains alpha hydroxy acids. AHAs can remove dead cells that clog the pores of the skin and help the skin with its moisture retention. AHAs also work by supporting collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. Collagen is a springy mattress-like layer beneath the skin that keeps the skin elastic. AHAs are also antioxidants and so guard against the damaging effects of pollutants and too much sun exposure.

If the proper ingredients are not used when making homemade sugar scrubs the skin that they are subsequently used on won’t be getting the AHA benefits contained in the scrub.

How Often Should I Use Homemade Sugar Scrub?

Some dermatologists advise women to exfoliate their skin once a week, though some with dry skin exfoliate up to three times a week. A scrub can be used all over the body, not just the face.

Regular exfoliating troubleshoots problems like spots and dull skin tone. Many users report that it not only brightness their skin, but leaves it feeling baby soft. Some sugar scrubs will sting or tingle, but the feeling should go away within about half a minute. Because it scrubs away a bit of the stratum corneum, the user should follow up with a sunscreen. The stratum corneum layer of skin is what a person sees when they look in the mirror. It’s a wall of cells locked together by sebum and other materials that keep moisture in the skin and keep toxins out. Usually, the stratum corneum sheds dead skin cells on its own, but needs a little help now and then.

Since sugar scrub is rubbed into the skin, it’s considered a physical exfoliator. The AHA in the sugar dissolves the protein that keeps a dead cell hanging on to the surface of the skin. Homemade sugar scrubs are gentle enough not to remove too much more than the dead skin cells. To use a scrub till the skin becomes red or inflamed damages it by stripping off a barrier to the pollutants and toxins of the outside world.

How Should Sugar Scrub Be Applied?

The user shouldn’t simply attack their face with a handful of homemade sugar scrub. The hands should be clean before applying the scrub and the hair should be held back from the face so the hairline and edges of the face can be treated.

The homemade sugar scrub should be smoothed over the face and neck. The fingertips should work in tiny circles across the neck and the face and up to the hairline. The fingers should have some pressure but not too much. The scrub should be massaged in for a minute or two. Then, a wash cloth should be dipped in with warm to hot water and wrung out. Ideally, the cloth should be as soft as possible and if the user can find a muslin washcloth that’s ideal. Hold the cloth over the face. Pat and rub the homemade sugar scrub off the face and repeat until all the scrub is gone from both the face and the wash cloth.